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The notion of empowerment for parent in pediatric health care delivery Sigurjónsdóttir, Bára


The delivery of pediatric health care has changed drastically, especially in the roles that families play in the care of their children. Many families are now faced with the challenges of living with a child's chronic condition at home, a situation that affects every aspect of their lives. The role of the nurse in supporting and facilitating the adjustments families have to make in these circumstances has long been recognized. Indeed, today's empowerment trend encourages health care professionals to enhance the competence of families to care for their children. However, further research is needed to gain a clear understanding of how parents obtain empowerment in pediatric nursing care and to answer questions like, What prerequisites are needed in a health care relationship to develop a positive, empowering parent-nurse relationship? The purpose of this study was to gain insight into what kinds of parent-nurse relationships parents describe as empowering and how the relationship is empowering to parents; it was conducted by gathering parents' descriptions of their experiences of empowerment in health care provider relationships with nurses. The main objective of the project was to describe and interpret what it was in the health care relationship that empowered them to develop an understanding of how the parent-nurse relationship is linked to empowerment. The method used in this study was interpretive description, which involves utilizing the existing knowledge as an analytic framework, to conceptualize the findings of the study. For the purpose of interpretive description a purposeful selection of research participants was conducted; eleven parents of children with diverse chronic conditions were interviewed for this study.

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