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Making connections in Horseshoe Bay Thompson, David B.


Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia is: 1) a geographically constricted waterfront neighbourhood of the Municipality of West Vancouver, 2) a north facing deep water ocean bay with a history of marine access and activities, 3) the site of one of the busiest terminals on the British Columbia Ferry Corporation system with 2.6 million vehicles and 7 million passengers per year. The ferry corporation is planning to expand the vehicle holding lots and administration facilities in 2001 and there are public concerns about possible degradation of the character and environment of the community. The Municipality of West Vancouver has expressed a desire to rebuild the foreshore embankment of the waterfront in Horseshoe Bay Park and upgrade the various amenities. Merchants of Horseshoe Bay are concerned that changes to the pedestrian access from the ferry terminal lots may negatively affect their business. The federal government is in the midst of divesting itself of ownership and responsibility for the public wharf. These are the issues and factors that were considered in a project where several different landscape locations with different functions within the Horseshoe Bay community were the subject of a redesign program. The proposed interventions range from environmental graphics to intertidal infill and wetland construction. Each of the various proposals has a different focus, use or function but all share the common theme of landscape connectivity, linking the community to the environment in a mutually beneficial way.

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