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Stillbirth service delivery in hospitals : an interdisciplinary view of policy and procedure Betz Martin, Freda


Hospital-based stillbirth services including bathing and dressing, photographing, and collecting hand/foot impressions and hair clippings from a dead infant are newly defined services developed to facilitate parent's grieving. Implementation of these services to date have often been ad hoc and without sufficient training. They are performed by social workers and/or nurses by default and in isolation of the interdisciplinary function. The purpose of this survey was to describe and then consider hospital stillbirth policies, the interdisciplinary division of labour for stillbirth service tasks, and the academic and professional skills and tools required to deliver these services. Selfadministered questionnaires were delivered to a neonatal social worker and nurse as well as a pathologist/laboratory technician in each of 12 Vancouver/Lower Mainland hospitals. Results may facilitate the development of appropriate materials and training experiences specific to stillbirth service delivery and/or promote the redistribution of services among interdisciplinary team professionals.

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