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An exploration of types that integrate art with the landscape Steed, Alexandra Mary


This paper explores various methods of integrating art into the landscape. It is recognized that the landscape is an important location of human experience. Art has the capacity to enhance our understanding of the world as it is concerned with heightening one's perceptions. Thus, it is important that art be integrated into the landscape to illuminate the relationship between humans and the material world. A literature review is conducted in order to determine methods of integrating art with the landscape. First, precedents of art in the landscape, and art and landscape architectural theory, are researched to identify criteria of engaging landscape experience. Second, a typology of differing modes of integrating art and landscape architecture is drawn out of the literature review. In response to the research, a site is chosen and designed according to the types identified. The designs provide a model of various modes of integrating art with the landscape and allow the theory to be tested and evaluated. The conclusion is that there is no right way of integrating art into the environment, but that in certain situations one type may be more appropriate than another. It is recognized that planning for art in the landscape is extremely important to ensuring integration between artwork and landscape. Perhaps then, the typology identified in this paper is best used by public art planners in the pre-development stage. By planning for art in the landscape proactively, there is less opportunity for landscape and artwork to be autonomous and objectified. To be sure, when art is integrated with the landscape the experience of place is enriched, and as a result, the human experience is enhanced.

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