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Violence and the anti-abortion movement Rogers, Saretta


The purpose of this work is to examine the abortion debate in North America and the impact of the violence emerging from the anti-abortion faction; how this violence has evolved; the impact the violence is having on abortion clinic staff in one clinic; and explanations of this violence offered by feminist theory. Little has been written about the impact the violence is having on abortion clinic staff. The purpose of this thesis is to examine this phenomena. This will be accomplished by presenting the results of interviews conducted with four abortion clinic staff from a stand alone clinic in a large urban center in North America. The results obtained provide valuable insights into the far reaching impact caused by this violence. On a political level, this information is useful for those lobbying for legal changes. On a personal level, this information may be helpful to social workers and others considering entering this field, as well as for those in areas of family counselling and psychiatric social work. This can lead to designing productive ways to counter potential damage, emotional and otherwise. In a global sense, this information could aid those looking for 'common ground' regarding this issue by illuminating the damage caused by the violence and the need to find some form of compromise between the pro-abortion and anti-abortion factions.

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