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Contact centre staff scheduling at Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management Ltd. Kim, Ana Maria


Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management Limited is a privately owned company providing investment management services to clients. The company has established a reputation for providing an exceptional level of customer service. In recent years, with the introduction of retail mutual funds, the number of clients has increased dramatically. Clients purchasing mutual funds have more extensive service requirements than the traditional institutional client. A call centre was formed to satisfy the heavier service requirements of mutual fund clients. However, the call centre has been unsuccessful in consistently achieving target service levels. A project was initiated to analyze the call centre's operations and its relationship to service levels. At the onset of the project, the call centre lacked the controls in place to enable targets to be met. A workforce management tool was developed and implemented to provide the call centre with a systemic mechanism for achieving target service levels. The tool has been a used by Contact Centre management to support its proposal to increase resources. Also, it currently being used to generate staff schedules.

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