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A study of the Shi Jing (The Book of Odes) manuscript excavated at Fuyang Rempel, Paul Edward


In a general sense, this thesis examines several aspects of the Shijing [Chinese characters] (The Book of Odes) manuscript excavated at Fuyang [Chinese characters], Anhui province, the People's Republic of China. The introductory chapter provides background on the Fuyang Shi jing, as well as the transmitted versions of this Chinese classic. Further, it outlines the traditional scholarship dealing with the Shi jing and offers a detailed summary of the other chapters. Chapter one introduces the methodology used in chapters two and three of this thesis. Part one of this chapter demonstrates the manner in which lexical and graphic variation is defined and analyzed, while part two shows how graphs may be analyzed based on a clear understanding of orthographic feature. Chapter one also provides background on the history of early Chinese writing forms and the evolution of Chinese script. Chapter two is primarily an orthographic study with two main objectives: (A) to distinguish the physical nature of the Fuyang Shi jing; and (B) to date this manuscript. In the introduction to this chapter, I will also compare the Fuyang Shi jing with other early bamboo and silk manuscripts. Chapter three deals with lexical variation involving the Fuyang Shi jing and the various transmitted Shi jing texts. It has three objectives: (A) to provide new readings of several odes in the Shi jing; (B) to survey different types of lexical variation associated with the Fuyang manuscript; and (C) in each case determine which lexical variant, among the various possibilities, most likely represents the proximate original of the Shi jing.

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