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Effectiveness of polyol blends as cryoprotectants in surimi and natural actomyosin from ling cod (ophiodon elongatus) Sultanbawa, Fathima Yasmina


Cryoprotectants with decreased sweetness are desirable for products like surimi because of consumer preference for less sweet foods. Physical, biochemical and Raman spectroscopic techniques were used to evaluate such cryoprotectants in ling cod surimi and natural actomyosin (NAM) model systems. Cryoprotectant blends with decreased sweetness were first investigated for their potential to stabilize ling cod surimi during frozen storage at -18°C for 4 months. A central composite rotatable design (CCRD) was used to formulate 25 blends containing lactitol, Litesse™, sucrose, and sorbitol, at final total concentrations of 4-12%. Although decreases in % salt extractable proteins, apparent viscosity and water binding capacity were observed, the gel strength, colour, pH and myosin heavy chain:actin ratio did not change significantly after frozen storage in surimi containing cryoprotectant blends. Differences for surimi with and without cryoprotectants were significant (P > 0.05). All 25 blends gave surimi and cooked gels comparable to the commercial blend (4% sucrose, 4%> sorbitol). For optimization of cryoprotectant blend composition, a CCRD was used to formulate 25 blends containing lactitol, Litesse™, sucrose and sorbitol at final total concentrations of 2-6%>. Highly significant regression models (P

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