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The effects of fine sediment pulse duration on a stream invertebrate assemblage and growth and mortality of rainbow trout Shaw, E. Ali


Elevated fine inorganic sediment supply in streams may impair many biological functions, however the contribution of exposure duration to altering these functions has not been previously considered. I evaluated the effects of fine sediment pulse duration on invertebrate assemblages and rainbow trout growth and mortality. I constructed streamside flow-through channels at Moffat Creek in the central interior of British Columbia for this experiment. Fourteen experimental channels, each containing invertebrates and 10 rainbow trout swim-up fry, received fine inorganic sediment treatments of a constant concentration but varied in pulse duration, ranging from 0 to 6 hours per pulse. A pulse was initiated every second day for total of ten pulses over 19 days. Benthic invertebrate abundance and family richness declined (both r²=0.77, P

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