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The visualization of object-oriented enterprise modeling Zhang, Xu


This research work is focused on the development of a visual Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool for Object-Oriented Enterprise Modeling (OOEM) methodology. Based on an ontological foundation, OOEM is an object-oriented analysis and design methodology that provides a set of rules for and a systematic approach to enterprise modeling. Previous research has demonstrated that the ontological rules of OOEM could be stored within a CASE tool to direct model construction and check model integrity. The thesis designs and technically implements such a CASE tool for OOEM. It explores theoretical and technical solutions to the issues identified by previous research; investigates more OOEM modeling and analysis features that could be incorporated into a visual CASE tool; and also studies empirically the usefulness and accessibility of such a tool to its intended user audience. The empirical study shows that the resulted CASE tool does help analysts to appreciate OOEM strengths and to apply the methodology with increased effectiveness and efficiency.

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