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Evaluation of a cardiac rehabilitation program Heppell, Leanne


Cardiac rehabilitation, an important component of the treatment for coronary artery disease, is provided by a multidisciplinary team in the Healthy Heart Program. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of the Healthy Heart Program on maintenance of healthy lifestyle behaviors and hospital readmission rates, to increase our understanding of the effectiveness of the program, and to make recommendations for improvement of the program. The study began with a retrospective chart review to select study participants, and from which data was collected on demographics and rate of achievement of healthy lifestyle goals during the program. Analysis of the data revealed that the majority of participants were able to successfully achieve their goals during the program. A telephone interview was then conducted with graduates of the program to determine if healthy lifestyle behaviors were maintained and the rate of and reasons for visits to hospital. Analysis of the data revealed that sustained behavior change did occur for at least six months after exiting the program. Analysis of the data also revealed that few Healthy Heart Program participants required visits to the emergency department or admission to hospital for cardiac reasons. Recommendations for improvement to this program include improved stress management, diet management and smoking cessation strategies. As well, strategies to provide more individualized programs for modification of cardiac risk factors would be useful. Ongoing evaluation on cardiac rehabilitation programs for maintenance of healthy lifestyle behaviors is also necessary.

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