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A study of the application of the TESSI model in Biology Eichorn, Dean William


Technology enhanced instruction (TEI) using computers is a relatively new pedagogical format. This study focuses on the application of TEI in secondary school biology. The study investigates: 1) achievement between two instructional methods in biology: computer enhanced vs. traditional, 2) changes in computer-related attitudes among students using technology enhanced instruction, and 3) the relationship between computer attitudes, computer experience and achievement among students in a computer technology enhanced environment. The results of the study indicated that while there appeared to be no significant difference in achievement between the traditionally instructed and TEI groups, and no differences in achievement by gender in the TEI group, the students in the TEI group were observed to be engaged in the learning process in unique ways: exhibiting examples of selfdirection, collaborative learning, and peer tutoring. The study also found that the students' computer attitudes were positively affected by TEI, and that the students were not disadvantaged by a lack of prior computer experience in a TEI environment.

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