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An artifact of hope : the journey of reflexive, participatory research with young women who have faced feelings of depression and disordered eating Ross, Linda Lee


This practice/thesis documents a search for hope and meaning in the experiences of young women who have faced feelings of depression and disordered eating. This portrait of a process guided by the principles of qualitative, holistic, feminist, reflexive and participatory inquiry reflects the journey of reflexive feminist praxis. My hope is to evoke a sense of the importance and value of feminist theory, the relevance of its application in understanding women's experiences of distress and the vitality of new thought and inquiry arising out of feminist research. This is what I mean by reflexive feminist praxis, where theory inspires action which in turn nourishes new understanding. It is also my wish to demonstrate that this process must include reflection upon the self, the narrator of the story. This is an invitation to reflect upon the meaning of what I have to say in your own story. This journey into meaning-making is therefore dialogic. Feelings of depression and disordered eating can claim the health, joy, hope, energy and passions of us all. This tale is now in your hands, awaiting the 'view from over there'.

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