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Analysis of personality ratings using the social relations model Reynolds, Shawn Patrick


Three datasets (N=90, 65, and 88) each provided three modes of assessment of the Big Five factors: Questionnaire, self-rating and peer-ratings. All participants completed the questionnaire before meeting in small discussion groups; afterward, participants rated one another and themselves. Kenny's Social Relations Model (SRM) was used (a) to partition target, rater and relationship components of the rating data, and (b) to correlate the three stable component scores with the questionnaire and self-rating measures. For each of the Big Five, such statistics provide measures of reliability and validity as well as indexing projection, reciprocity, and self-enhancement. It was hypothesized that (a) the three assessment modes would converge, (b) target variance would be stronger than in previous research, (c) self-ratings would be more positive than other-ratings, and (d) projection would be significant but reciprocity would not. In general, these hypotheses were confirmed.

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