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The measurements of the optical properties of diamond-like carbon thin films by fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy Xie, Yidan


Infrared reflectance and transmittance measurements of diamond-like carbon thin films grown by d.c. magnetron sputtering were performed at nearly normal incidence, using a Bruker IFS 1 13V Fourier-transform spectrometer. The project was a collaboration with Glenn Clarke, a Ph.D student under the supervision of Dr. R. Parsons. Glenn Clarke grew all of the films and extracted the absorption coefficient from the reflectivity and transmission data, using a matrix method. The spectral features were mainly the broad interference oscillations characteristic of thin films and the absorptions caused by excited vibrational modes. An interband-transition model of n and k, together with a dispersion model, which is a superposition of the background absorption and the vibrational resonances, was used to fit the experimental data and obtain some information about the chemical bonds in these films. It was found that the optical properties of the diamond-like carbon films were strongly dependent on the deposition pressure during the sputtering and any hydrogen incorporation.

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