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Multi-user interface for group ranking: a user-centered approach Luk, Wai-Lan


The proliferation of collaborative computer applications in the past decade has resulted in a corresponding increase in the need for multi-user interfaces. The current research seeks to contribute to the design of a user-centered multi-user interface for a group ranking task. User requirements were identified by observing groups perform the ranking task in a non-computer environment. A design was proposed based on these identified requirements. The user-centered design was compared to preliminary designs based on the intuitions of programmers. The conclusions indicate that an analysis of observations in the non-computer environment does yield insight beyond the initial intuition of programmers. A prototype based on the user-centered design was implemented. Informal user evaluation was performed by observing users working with the prototype and obtaining verbal feedback both on the ease of use of the system and on possible improvements. The informal user evaluation provides evidence for the usefulness of user-centered design. The evaluation also suggests that not all features identified were found useful and not all features necessary were identified.

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