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The implementation of European Community environmental directives in the United Kingdom Gupta, Indrani Debbie


This study applies the Mazmanian and Sabatier model for successful policy implementation to the application of EC environmental Directives in the United Kingdom. Using two areas of air pollution — vehicle emissions and large combustion plant emissions — the applicability of the Mazmanian and Sabatier framework is assessed with regard to (a) the environmental policy arena and (b) the British policy style. The Mazmanian and Sabatier model suggests that six conditions must be met for successful policy implementation to occur. These conditions incorporate five variables: legislation, science and technology, state institutions, target groups and external factors. The implementation of EC Directives 91/441 and 92/55, regulating automobile exhaust emissions, met all six conditions suggested by the model and was successful in achieving the stipulated policy goals. The implementation of EC Directive 88/609, controlling SO₂ and NOx emissions from large combustion plants, failed to meet any of the conditions. Nonetheless, the UK was successful in attaining the Directive’s targets. It is suggested that the Mazmanian and Sabatier model for successful policy implementation is not useful, as a predictive tool, to the cases studied here. The framework, derived from American practice and experience, does not appear to fit with the British policy style and the implementation of EC environmental Directives in the UK.

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