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Influence of ozone on shelf-life and quality of silvergrey rockfish (Sebastes brevispinis) Prahst, Armin-Wilhelm


Ozone treatments of the chilled water surrounding fish during storage affects microbial and sensory properties of the stored product. In the first part of the study a better understanding of the effect of ozone on the microbial and sensory properties of freshly caught Silvergrey Rockfish (SebasLes brevispinis) was obtained. In the second part of the study, a method to quantify the inactivation of various typical fishspoilage microorganisms by ozone was developed. A survey examining the unloading process of fishing boats indicated that the unloading process did not contribute to an increase in microorganisms on the skin of tested fish samples. Sensory properties of the fish were not significantly improved by ozone treatment during an experiment simulating storage conditions on British Columbia fishing boats. The only significant difference (p

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