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A passage to premodernity : Carl Sauer repositioned in the field Skeels, Anna Clare


This thesis is an attempt to mediate between the different perspectives on Carl Sauer and his work that fix him in the “field” of geography. By repositioning Sauer literally in the “field" in Mexico (and later, in South America) through a reading of his correspondence and fieldnotes, I hope to open up Sauer and cultural geography to a new range of questions and debate. In the course of the thesis, it is maintained that you cannot consider Sauer and culture in the “field” of geography without remobilising him as geographer amidst culture in the “field”; nor can you consider Sauer as fieldworker in isolation from the “passage to premodernity” of his life and work. Sauer is thus positioned ambivalently in various “moments” of the practices and politics of dwelling and travelling in the “field” and presented as an ant imodernist looking for a cultural and an academic “home”.

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