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Effects of students’ background vs. school conditions on primary schools students’ academic achievement in Thailand Chinvarakorn, Vasana


This study attempted to investigate whether or not the results derived from research conducted in industrialized countries, about school resources and school conditions having very little effect on students’ academic achievement when students’ background is controlled for, apply to a developing country such as Thailand. Data on Grade-6 students from the BRIDGES Project in 1987-1988 were analyzed; however, the aggregated nature of data only allowed an investigation at the school level. The analyses show that both sets of variables representing students’ background and school conditions have a significant impact on students’ achievement scores. However, the national-level results do not agree with results from any single region. The study concluded that specific social and economic conditions in each locality seem to have a significant impact on how students’ background and school conditions affect students’ academic achievement; therefore, one should not assume that results from research in industrialized countries will necessarily apply to a developing country, or that national-level results will apply to regions within the country.

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