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A behavioural genetic analysis of attachment styles in adult twins Brussoni, Mariana Jose


total of 219 twin pairs (115 monozygotic, 75% female) aged 16 to 79 years completed the Relationship Scales Questionnaire (RSQ) and the Relationship Questionnaire (RQ). Data analyses estimated the heritability of Bartholomew's four adult attachment styles, the self- and other-model dimensions, and examined gender differences in genetic and environmental influences. The results showed an additive genetic and a non-shared environmental component for the secure, fearful, and preoccupied adult attachment styles whereas the dismissing style was characterized by shared and non-shared environmental components. No evidence of sex-specific genetic or shared environmental effects was found. These results shed some light on the controversy between temperament theorists who emphasize genetic influences and attachment theorists who emphasize environmental influences on attachment.

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