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Variation in carabid community structure associated with coastal Douglas-fir forest successional stages Craig, Katherine G.


Carabid beetles were collected by means of pitfall trapping in four forest successional stages: 1) Regeneration (3-8 years); 2) Immature (25-45 years); 3) Mature (65-85 years); and 4) Old-Growth (>200 years). The study was conducted at two locations, Victoria Watershed South, and Koksilah, in Coastal Douglas-fir forests on Vancouver Island. A total of 28 species was collected during the year of collecting. Intraspecific comparisons were made and six distributional patterns were identified. These are: 1) Regeneration specialists; 2) Generalists; 3) Forest species; 4) Recovering species; 5) Old-Growth specialists; 6) Unexpected pattern. A corrected species richness measure was calculated and showed the regeneration sites to have the greatest species richness. There was no replicated, significant difference among the other three stages. Other diversity measures are discussed, as are implications for the forest industry.

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