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Island identity in an age of ecology: rural land use and a lodge on Carmelo Point, Gambier Island, British Columbia Higham, Kevin Craig


The thesis is intended to provide an alternative model for rural land use planning and environmental management. The project addresses the issue of settlement and development of sixteen hectares on Carmelo Point, Gambier Island. . The intent of the design is to initiate the development of the site within the determined development areas and to provide specific examples of integrating passive ecological technologies. Furthermore, the proposed development is to utilize the natural renewable energy systems while mamtaining the site's natural character and balance. The design program for the thesis is centred in and around a commons and is comprised of a lodge for cohabitation. The lodge is to include seven private chambers which share facilities in common. These facilities are the dining hall, sun rooms, washrooms, and the kitchen. The lodge is to incorporate a post and beam structure supporting a roof, which is used to catch and harvest rainwater. Additionally, the roof is designed to promote a stacking effect within the interior space. Once the harvested rainwater has been filtered and used, it is then treated via a garden solar aquatic septic system. The lodge is recognized as an initial incremental step in developing the site for human settlement. This project is intended as a prototypical ecologically sensitive intervention in a rural landscape which is experiencing development pressures due to its proximity to the Vancouver metropolitan area.

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