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A retrospective exploration of the impact of group treatment on male batterers Zuk, Gail


This study explored the effects of a group therapy program on the male batterer's subjective perceptions of himself and his relationships. The four respondents voluntarily participated in twenty-four weeks of group therapy at a metropolitan family service agency. Qualitative, in-depth interviews were utilized three months post group participation. Grounded theory and the constant comparative method of data analysis were employed to generate preliminary themes and a beginning conceptual framework for further study. From the data analysis, a three stage change process emerged as representative of the respondents' perceptions. Results indicate that the group had a definite positive impact on the respondent's self-perception and his perceptions of relationships with significant others (family, partner, friends). Further, all of the respondents were redefining their masculinity such that it was no longer rigid and one-dimensional but shifted to being inclusive of expressing emotions and interacting respectfully with others. The information obtained on outcome of the group process for male batterers who complete therapy can be utilized by social workers in the field of family violence to modify and enhance current interventions utilized with this client population and to conduct further research with male batterers.

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