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Facilities programming and case study of Kwantlen College Richmond Campus : implications for community planning Cook, Krista Aileen


In the past thirty years, Facilities Programming has grown and evolved as a discipline, separate from both architecture and planning. Facilities Programming is a profession of such a small and specialized nature that it is not well known or understood by many people, and is not well documented in the architectural or planning literature. This thesis provides a detailed definition of programming, as well as a comprehensive study of the programming of the Kwantlen College Richmond Campus, in Richmond, British Columbia. From are view of selected literature on community planning as well as the author's knowledge of its practice, a comparison is made between community planning and facilities programming which shows that there are many similarities. This study of programming also suggests several aspects that can be applied beneficially to the practice of community planning. These are participation, interaction, staged continuous decision making, and good analytic tools.

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