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Teachers’ preferred methods of learning about the topic of "student motivation" Leishman, Lorraine Kay


In 1991, a needs assessment was conducted by the Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium to determine teachers preferences for topics of professional development. Eighty-eight percent of 3000 teachers chose "Student Motivation" as their number one choice. This study and its questionnaire were specifically designed to accomplish two objectives: (1) to refine the general request for "Student Motivation" topic into specific topics desired by teachers, and (2) to gain some clarity on how teachers (in what formats) want to have this professional development delivered. Teachers in this study revealed their general preference for learning about student motivation in a collaborative manner. However, a more formal (institutional) classroom-like format was desired for some specific problems. There was evidence that teachers were not just choosing learning methods based on patterns associated with adult learners, but also in response to specific problems (without seeming to adhere to adult norms). Recommendations for both facilitators of professional development as well as those who are to be receiving it are included.

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