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Nursing and creativity: Does the speciality make a difference? Woodrow, Daniel James


This descriptive study explores creativity among three groups of subjects: nursing students, medical—surgical nurses, and home care nurses. The Verbal Torrance Test of Creativity was used to measure overall creativity, fluency flexibility and originality between three groups of 30 subjects. The research questions were: What is the level of creativity in three groups of nurses: second year diploma nursing students, medical-surgical nurses and home care nurses?, Do medical—surgical nurses and home care nurses differ in measures of creativity?, and Do registered nurses and nursing students differ in measures of creativity? The results indicate no significant differences at r=0.05 significance level when the t—test was performed. All subjects were however, above the standardized mean of 100 when compared to a large normative sample of children and adults. When compared to a normative sample of adults the subjects were above median for overall creativity.

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