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Derivation of amplitudes for [pi] - 2[pi] reaction channels using the oset-vicente-vacas model, and calculation of the chiral symmetry breaking parameter Fazel, Neil Behzad


The Oset and Vicente-Vacas model for π N --> π πN reaction has ben used to derive theoretical values of the amplitudes and cross sections for the π - 2π reaction channels. It is shown that the N* --> N(π π)s—wave mechanism is required in order to obtain agreement with the world data for the π-ρ --> π-π+ and π-ρ ---> π0 π0 n channels. The x2 analyses of the world data near threshold for all the channels strongly support the Weinberg's value of Ƹ = 0 for the chiral symmetry breaking parameter. The value of C, the factor related to N*Nπ π coupling through the exchange of the scalar meson ε, was estimated to be C = (-1.97 + 0.11) μ-1.

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