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Mixed-age grouping in nongraded primary classes Pasemko, Judy Guthrie


This study sought to examine the pedagogical successes and problems in implementation of primary mixed-age classes. A survey of 44 primary teachers and 41 parents was conducted in two school districts. The results revealed that involvement of the majority of the staff and the setting of goals facilitated implementation. Teachers and parents reported many more benefits than concerns for children in mixed-age classes. While the teachers generally understood the philosophy supporting mixed-age grouping, two areas less well understood were peer tutoring and the benefits of mixed-aged grouping for older children. Math was identified as the curriculum area most difficult to implement in mixed-age classes. The study identified a need for a deeper understanding of child development theory and how it relates to teaching practise. Teachers identified collaboration with colleagues and school visitations as the most popular ways for learning about mixed-age. The responses of teachers and parents were similar, both identified social and cognitive benefits for the children enrolled in mixed-age classes.

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