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The electric dipole moment in the B ³Π₀₊ state of molecular iodine monochloride Wang, Shixin


The laser-induced fluorescence spectrum in ICl of the electronic system B ³Π₀₊ ← X ¹Σ₀₊ for the (2-0) vibrational band has been measured as a function of the electric field strength up to 32.5 kV/cm. From the Stark shift measurements, the dipole moment in vibrational level v' = 2 of the B ³Π₀₊ state, not previously measured experimentally, has been found to equal 1.122(25) D for I³⁵Cl and 1.116(35) D for I³⁷Cl . Intensity measurements of the (2-0) Q(0) and Q(1) of I³⁵Cl have shown that these normally forbidden lines become allowed through the mixing of rotational levels generated by the interaction of the dipole moment with the externally applied electric field. The Stark shift measurement of the magnitude of the dipole moment was confirmed and the sign of the dipole moment was shown to be the same as that in the ground X ¹Σ₀₊ state.

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