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Further investigation of the planar array of superheated superconductors Lu, Yunfei


Three sizes of the Planar Array of Superheated Superconductors (PASS) were studied. Several 100 x 100 arrays, 250 x 250 arrays and 100 x 1 line arrays of tin squares were fabricated with the photolithography techniques, and then melted in a vacuum chamber. Phase transition curves were mapped out at the earth's field (t— 0.05 mT), 2 mT,4 mT and 4.7 mT for the 100 x 100 array of tin spheres with radius of 12 tem and center-to-center spacing of 70 pm. Radiation tests were also made using a low energy7—source. Time distribution curves for granule flipping were measured and compared with the calculated response, and good agreement was obtained. Three layers of 250 x 250 tin arrays with granule radius of 3 ictm and center-to-center spacing of 40 ,am, as well as a single 250 x 250 array, were compared. The spreads of transition temperatures were essentially the same. The measured response of the three—layer arrays to 7-rays also agreed with the calculated result.

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