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The image of a teacher as a romantic rebel in narrative film Gazetas, Aristides


Six narrative films were selected for this study to investigate the image of a teacher as a Romantic rebel. In each of these films, the central character is portrayed as a school teacher coming into conflict with traditional educational pedagogies that involve student learning and discipline. Each film is reviewed and evaluated within the framework of the romantic-humanist theory of education or the transformational orientation. Three major points are covered in each review. First, the thematic concerns are specified that follow the romantic, ideological constructs of Jean-Jacques Rousseau on education. Second, the directorial skills are noted in visualizing settings and characters that illustrate the conflicts between the romantically-oriented teachers and tradition-bound educational system. Third, the psychological effects of the films on viewers are described which may influence public perception of the teaching profession. Background information concerning the nature of formula-driven genre films and the development of the New Wave movement in film production is provided. A brief historical survey of changes in curriculum and instruction also is given. The study concluded that the image of the teacher as a Romantic rebel in these narrative films is a positive one. Romantic-minded teachers are portrayed as liberators who individually make a difference in the traditional educational system by showing care and trust towards students.

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