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Zhang Xiguo’s writing world Zhu, Li


In the beginning of my thesis, I give a brief introduction to Zhang Xiguo's life and his writing and a brief summary of Zhang Xiguo's humanistic concern: he writes for people. Chapter One discusses that Zhang Xiguo has focused his writing on the physical and spiritual exile of Chinese people. He thinks that Chinese people are in a stage of change. When they cannot find their spiritual home, they become wanderers. In different situations Chinese people are suffering a similar sense of losing their identity. The image of the wanderers is related to Zhang Xiguo's other major themes, such as the issue of money and the relationships between men and women. Chapter Two discusses the issue of money. Taiwan's economic situation has changed dramatically in the past forty years. In Zhang Xiguo's writing, both intellectuals and common people have to face the issue of money. Chapter Three discusses peoples' compromise and action in the face of invisible power. People seek different ways to fulfil their life goals. Some of them compromise with reality; others try to achieve their purpose by manipulating others. And still others realize that the meaning of life is in action not only in achievement. Those people who have no power to act against reality and do not want to compromise become bystanders. Chapter Four discusses the patterns of male/female relationship in Zhang Xiguo's writing. The relationship between man and woman is unstable. The conquerors, men finally are conquered by their subjects, women. Men and women have to seek a new type of relationship. Chapter Five discusses Zhang Xiguo's writing skills.

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