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Roadway land costs: a case study of provincially-funded roads in the Greater Vancouver region Bagh, Signe K.


Decisions made regarding road building have far-flung consequences. Spending money on roads means that other public goals such as farmland preservation, air quality improvement and provision of housing may be frustrated. In order for knowledgeable land-use decisions to be made, the full cost of roads needs to be examined. This thesis explores the issue of roadway land costs from a professional planning point of view. A method for calculating roadway land costs is developed and is then applied to provincially-funded roads in the Greater Vancouver region. The case study revealed that annual provincial roadway land costs amount to approximately $162 per automobile. Limited supplies of land and limited financial resources suggest that it may be time to examine approaches that would make it less necessary to add capacity to the existing road network. Expenditures on roads can be reduced by shifting from current "supply side" tactics. This thesis suggests various policies that could be enacted to effect such a change.

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