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The mix masters: a tribute to children with a blend of harmony Silver, Patricia F


Music is a powerful mode of interpreting our complicated worlds. Human beings are gifted with the ability to listen and move and respond to music. As a form of expression, music should pervade the learning environment, thereby enriching the lives of elementary students. This thesis presents an original script to be used as the basis for a one hour school-touring musical production. The intention is for as many elementary students as possible to become exposed to and involved in the experiential joy of singing and producing music through their voices. The production is organized in performance format where children are interactive participants. Twelve numbers comprise the basic structure of the show. These songs include original material as well as traditional numbers with which the students are most likely familiar. Students will also be exposed to a professional calibre of artistic endeavours in the performing arts. Children will be surrounded by quality singing which could challenge learners by arousing interest, giving confidence, encouraging reflection and giving joy. In order to inspire students to strive for excellence in the performing arts and to understand the role that the musical art form plays in their own lives, they should be exposed to professional musical productions. Exposure to a high standard of musical performance may lead to the attainment of personal life-long artistic goals, including the ability to appreciate music and to make music. Led by three professional musicians/actors, students will explore harmony, rhythm, melodic interpretation, genres of music, dynamics of sound, pitch, tempo, form, descants and chants. The overall encouragement to use the singing voice as a source of pleasure and entertainment will be emphasized throughout. The underlying intent is that an inspirational feeling will extend to the classroom where more music will occur.

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