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Transient analysis of six-phase synchronous machines Mozaffari, Said


Six-phase synchronous machines have been used in the past for high power generation, and presently are being used in high power electric drives and in ac and/or dc power supplies. This thesis presents a mathematical model for investigating the transient performance of a six-phase synchronous machine, and develops a model for the simulation of such machines with the EMTP. The effect of the mutual leakage coupling between the two sets of three-phase stator windings are included in the development of a d-q equivalent circuit. The six-phase machine is constructed from a three-phase machine by splitting the stator windings into two equal three-phase sets. The six-phase machine reactances and resistances are derived by relating their values to the known three-phase machine values. The transient performance of the machine is tested by solving the machine equations for a case of a six-phase short-circuit at the terminals of the machine. The EMTP model presented is based on representing the six-phase machine as two three-phase machines in parallel. The EMTP model verification is achieved by comparing the EMTP results against an independent computer program, for the case of a six-phase short-circuit test at the terminals of the machine.

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