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A magnetic balance and its application to the investigation of ferromagnetism in manganese carbon alloys Shier, Richard Mowat


A magnetic balance for the measurement of the saturation magnetization of alloys has been designed and built. The magnet develops a field strength of 21,000 oersteds in a gap approximately seven-eighths inch long and two inches in diameter, when consuming a power of 4.5 kilowatts. This field is sufficient to saturate solid metal samples of random shape. Specially shaped pole caps are used which produce a gradient in the direction of the axis of the gap which is constant to within two percent, within a volume cube three-sixteenths of an inch on edge. The ratio of saturation magnetizations of iron and nickel at room temperature agree closely with the accepted values. A new magnetic phase has been discovered in the manganese carbon system. It has been identified as ferromagnetic, but its composition and crystal structure remain unknown.

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