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Production of a well collimated neutron beam using the associated particle technique Tripard, Gerald Edward


An accurately colliraated monenergetic fast neutron beam of small angular width was produced by bombarding a deuterium target with 2 MeV deuterons. Background reduction was achieved by using the associated particle technique and extensive shielding. Dual parameter pulse height analysis was used to reduce the coincidence time resolution between the detected neutrons and the associated He³ recoil particle to 4.6 nanoseconds by taking into account the variations in flight times of the He³ particles. A rotating thin film deuterated polyethylene target was developed which enabled a substantial increase in the neutron flux to be made. The beam of 70 neutrons/second/millisteradian produced, was of sufficient intensity to perform a small angle scattering experiment. The technique was tested by a measurement of the angular distribution from 40 degrees to 10 degrees of neutrons elastically scattered from lead.

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