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A study of the gamma rays produced by the bombardment of deuterium with protons Critoph, Eugene


The energy of gamma rays from the reaction H² (p,γ)He³ has been measured as a function of incident proton energy in the range of proton energies from 1 to 2 Mev. The results were consistent with the assumption that the He³ is left in the ground state. The Doppler shift in gamma ray energy was measured for incident protons of energies 1 Mev. and 1.7 Mev. and was found to be consistent with the value calculated assuming that the He³ was not slowed down before emission of the gamma ray. This puts an upper limit on the lifetime of the intermediate state of 2 x 10⁻¹² sec. The angular distribution of gamma rays at an incident proton energy of 1.75 Mev. was of the form sin²θ + (.025 ± .007), and at incident proton energy of 1.00 Mev. was of the form sin²θ + (.043 ± .008). The excitation function, over a range of incident proton energies from 0.25 to 1.85 Mev., is fitted by a function of the form AEp⁰•⁶⁵.

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