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The measurement of transition probabilities of atomic neon Robinson, Alexander Maguire


The transmission of neon line radiation through the positive column of a neon dc glow discharge has been measured. Six lengths of the column were used and a graphical comparison of the theoretical and experimental transmissions were made. This permitted a determination of the absorption coefficient of the gas, for the case of Doppler-broadened spectral lines. The relative transition probabilities for transitions with the same lower level were obtained from the values of the absorption coefficients. Radial variation of the density of absorbing atoms and the presence of isotopes in the column were taken into account. The relative intensities of several pairs of spectral lines emitted by neon gas excited by a pulsed electron beam have been measured. The neon was at a low pressure (.1 mm Hg) and excited for a short time (200 nsec) to suppress self-absorption of the emitted radiation. The relative transition probabilities for lines with the same upper level were determined from the intensity measurements. A weighted averaging technique was used to connect the relative transition probabilities of the absorption and emission measurements and a complete set of relative transition probabilities was obtained. The probabilities were placed on an absolute scale using the results of a lifetime measurement recently made by van Andel /17/.

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