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The production of neutron beams using the associated particle technique Tripard, Gerald Edward


Accurately collimated monoenergetic fast neutron beams of small angular width were produced by bombarding heavy ice targets with deuterons, and operating the neutron detector in coincidence with a semiconductor detector detecting the He³ recoil nuclei. Using a bombarding energy of E[subscript d] 50 keV a neutron beam of energy 2.55 MeV and known absolute intensity was produced. The measured beam profile agreed with the theoretically calculated profile. The beam was used to measure the absolute neutron detection efficiency and the pulse spectrum of a plastic scintillation counter bombarded by 2.55 MeV neutrons. Using a bombarding energy of E[subscript d] = 2 MeV a neutron beam of energy 5.08 MeV was produced and the bearers profile was measured.

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