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Design and construction of a high-dispersion infra-red spectrograph Brealey, George Albert


Details are given of the design and construction of a single-beam, three-prism, infra-red spectrograph, to be used in the near infra-red region 0.7μ to 2.5μ for the purpose of examining fine structure in molecular bands in this region. The problems encountered and methods of solution are explained. Details are presented of the optical and mechanical design of the instrument. The radiant energy transmitted by the spectrograph falls on a PbS photoconducting cell after being chopped at 900 c.p.s. The resulting signal is amplified in a tuned amplifier and, after rectification, is recorded on a Brown recording potentiometer. Details of detector and amplifier are presented. The method of calibration is explained and the performance of the instrument in practice is assessed by consideration of typical spectra taken with the final assembly.

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