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A search for the direct radiative capture rection D(d,[gamma])He⁴ Whalen, Brian Austin


An experimental method for the detection of the d(D,ɣ)He⁴ reaction has been developed. It involves the use of a double focusing magnetic spectrometer in conjunction with a solid state counter mounted in the focal plane of the spectrometer, the counter determining both the energy and dE/dx of the incident particles from the reaction. The design and construction of a particle beam handling system to guide the particle beam from the Van de Graaff generator to the object point of the spectrometer has been completed and tested. Using this beam, the characteristics of the spectrometer and solid state counter have been determined and recorded. An attempt was made to detect the d(D,ɣ)He⁴ reaction but no directly useful information on the reaction crossection was obtained. However, utilizing the knowledge gained during this experiment, it should be possible to make a more exacting attempt at the reaction crossection determination.

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