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A dielectric properties of natural and synthetic rubber-sulphur compounds Codrington, Robert Smith


The dielectric properties of natural and butyl rubber-sulphur compounds have been investigated at temperatures of 20°C and 60°C and extensions of 0% and 200%, in a frequency range extending from 100 cycles to 20 megacycles. This investigation has shown that the dielectric constant of butyl rubber is less than that of natural rubber and that the dielectric constants of both types of rubber decrease with increasing temperature and increasing extension. The investigation has also shown that the dielectric behaviour of these rubbers may be explained by the Gevers' extension of the Debye dipole theory. If free sulphur is present in the rubbers, the behaviour must be explained by a combination of the dipole theory and the inhomogeneity theory. The Kirkwood-Fuoss theory for polar polymers, has been applied to natural rubber with 2% sulphur. The dipole moment per monomer unit obtained from the Kirkwood-Fuoss plot for this sample was 0.41 Debye units.

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