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A study of the spark spectra of selenium George, Simon


The spark spectra of selenium have been photographed from the infra-red to the vacuum ultra-violet on a variety of spectrographs including a two meter vacuum grating spectrograph, a twenty-one foot concave grating, a Hilger Constant Deviation, a Hilger medium quartz and a Hilger large automatic glass-quartz prism spectrograph. Two light sources have been used: An electrodeless spark discharge and a spark in helium. About 2200 selenium lines have been measured in the region 10450 to 345 Angstroms. On the basis of these measurements, new levels have been found in Se III, Se IV, and Se V. The most important achievement was the discovery of the deepest excited terms 4s4p³ ⁵S⁰₂ in Se III and 4s4p² ⁴p in Se IV. The chief extension of the analysis has been in Se IV. A few interferometric measurements were made in Se II and Se III. Using an electrodeless discharge tube excited by a high frequency generator wavelengths of 38 lines in the arc spectrum of potassium have been determined interferometrically.

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