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A cloud chamber study of the radiations from zinc65 Parry, Kenneth John


The primary object of this research project has been to construct a Wilson cloud chamber for nuclear physics investigations, in particular, suitable for use with the high voltage Van de Graeff generator now being erected in the Physics Department of the University of British Columbia. The chamber design is based on drawings obtained from the Chalk River Laboratories of the National Research Council, and is basically similar to the design developed by various people through the period 1935 - 1940 at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. The control unit design is essentially the same as that developed at the Chalk River Laboratories, N. R. C., and provides for automatic operation of the chamber. The whole unit has been assembled on a movable trolley so that the chamber may be used in conjunction with the ion beam from the electrostatic generator. The whole of the machine and assembly work was carried out in the Physics Department at U. B. C., using castings obtained from a local Vancouver firm. It was intended had time permitted to check carefully the performance of the chamber by conducting a brief experiment involving the photographing of numerous electron tracks. To this end a source of Zinc⁶⁵ was obtained, which is a positron emmitter, but only a very preliminary examination of the radiations from it has so far been possible.

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