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The infrared absorption spectrum of carbon disulphide Little, David Edmund


The work of Plyler and Humphries on the absorption spectrum of Carbon Disulphide has been checked in the 2.5 to 15 micron region. An important difference is the wave number shift between ν₃ in the liquid and vapor states, being approximately 10 cm[superscript -1] rather than 25 cm[superscript -1]. This shift is verified in the combination bands of ν₃. Other differences from previous work is the presence of a side band at 1048 cm[superscript -1], on the high frequency side of ν₁ + ν₂ at 1040 cm[superscript -1]. In a purified sample the band 3ν₂ was observed at 1199 cm[superscript -1], a previously reported band on its low frequency side was absent.

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