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Some studies in Beta-Gamma and Gamma-Gamma-Angular correlation Darby, Edsel Kenneth


The beta-gamma angular correlation for Sb¹²⁴ has been measured as a function of the beta particle energy in the range from 0.82 Mev to the end of the beta particle spectrum (2.4 Mev). As a beta particle spectrometer, use was made of a twelve channel kicksorter and a thick crystal beta particle scintillation counter. This was connected in coincidence with a gamma ray scintillation counter. Accordingly, the beta gamma coincidence counting rate W(θ,E), as a function of the angle θ between the counters, and the energy E of the beta particles, was observed. The differential angular correlation coefficient: a(E)=[formula omitted] was found to vary smoothly from -0.17 at 1.0 Mev to -0.44 at the end of the beta particle spectrum. When a(E) is integrated, numerically, over all beta particle energies greater than 0.82 Mev., the value of the integrated angular correlation coefficient a = -0.24 ± 0.02 was found. Direct measurements of the value of the integrated angular correlation coefficient were also performed, and the relation to the above value of a considered. An attempt has been made to interpret these results in terms of the angular momenta of the particles emitted, using the theory developed by Falkoff and Uhlenbeck. Experiments on the gamma-gamma angular correlation of Co⁶⁰ and Sc⁴⁶ performed with the same apparatus are in agreement with the previous results of other workers.

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