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A search for faint variable stars in the globular cluster M71 Hodder, Philip Jeremy Crichton


A 67" x 104" area of the metal-rich globular cluster M71 was searched for variable stars using 73 CCD frames. Using mean B and V values a colour-magnitude diagram down to V ≈ 22 is constructed. Four variables were discovered, with two more stars classed as possible candidates for variability. Phase diagrams and real time light curves are presented for all variables. One variable blue straggler (or SX Phe star) has been discovered with a period of 0.d05181. Values for the mass depend on the pulsation mode assumed for this star - (0.90 ± 0.13)M. for the first overtone mode, and (1.57 ± 0.22)M. for the fundamental mode. A second variable, of similar period (0.d06053), but with a magnitude l.m75 below the main sequence turn off was also found but it may be a field star. Two candidate eclipsing binary systems were found. The most likely period of one is 0.d37244. This value, and the shape of the light curve, suggest it may be a W UMa type variable. Its position on the CMD suggests that it too may be a field star. No period was obtainable for the other candidate binary due to a lack of phase coverage. Further data is needed to confirm and strengthen these claims.

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