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Investigations of resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionizations of atomic mercury and potassium Mah, Kelly Robert Lim


Two investigations are reported on the application of resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionization (RMPI) to gaseous mixtures of an atomic vapor and a few Torr of argon. Photon fluxes large enough to ionize atoms by RMPI were produced by focussing down the light from a tunable pulsed dye laser. The irradiances generated were of the order of 500MWcm⁻². Ionization was detected by a voltage biased wire electrode that simply collected the photoelectrons either directly or after some gas multiplication. One investigation was the measurement of the dependence of RMPI processes in mercury on the polarization of the incident light for comparisons with theoretical calculations. The processes were four-photon resonant absorptions to either a ¹S₀ or ¹’³D₂ level followed by single photon ionization. Complete photoionization of all atoms excited to the resonant levels is established and the measured polarization dependences are found to agree with the calculated polarization dependence for the resonant excitation step of the RMPI process. Unexplained observations of the distortions in the polarization dependence of the ion yield and the absorption linewidth of the 6d ¹D₂ resonance are discussed. The second investigation was a study of the density dependent electric dipole forbidden two-photon resonant transition ²S → ²P in three-photon RMPI spectra of the Rydberg states of potassium. Stark interactions are shown to be unlikely and too weak. From the characteristics of the spectra, the excitation process is identified as a laser-assisted collision interaction.

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